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ZIZWE RAINBOW TOURS is Comprehensive tour operating company intended to cater its services from domestic to international travelers globally. Potential, courage and dedication enforced an effective role in establishing this dynamic enterprise in full compliance with the low.

IZIZWE for all nations
RAIBOW for all natives-

Mandate  to accommodate all clients across the globe, in respect of individual’s culture and believe. Engage our stuff into basic of foreign languages for a relieve adventure. Keep up with the global luxurious services affordable at best coherent deal. Take complements and complains into positive consideration in order to develop and upgrade our working strateg

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Leopard in the Kruger National Park

Learn About Izizwe Rainbow Tours:
IZIZWE RAINBOW TOURS is a Comprehensive tour operating company. Potential, courage and dedication depolyed in an effective way for the purpose of etablishing customer satisfaction at all times.
Our model business is founded upon quality and afford-ability. We are young passionate and committed at the core and operate a full proof service that goes without fail.

Our Ethos

What we’re made of is innovation. That is the secret.

  • To Accommodate all our clients tailored needs.
  • South Africa is a non discriminatory country which fought to liberate all peoples that dwell in the land. In that we are guardians and defenders of our democracy.
  • South Africa is  a diverse country  with multiple ethnicities that live in harmony with each other, ours is to amplify that reality and cause our clients to integrate seamlessly in this beautiful environment.
  • We seek to keep up with world class standards.

Our Vision

We are here to render a sufficient experience in a convenient way to suit the needs of our consumers.

To escalate our client’s interest, we strive for adequate integration with graded companies who are expects in their specific fields to sustaining a reliable service successfully.

  • To render sufficient experience in a convenient way to suit the needs of our consumers.
  • To collaborate with world acclaimed service providers in order to service our clients best we can.

Our Mission

Izizwe Rainbow tours mission is to reach out our consumer’s needs by delivering in their designated destination safe on time. This we do by having well experienced, cleared records drivers/ guides with a relevant understanding of terms of the Road Traffic Act. This enable them a full understanding of various hazard taking place on public roads, legal duties of drivers, road instructions, loading and offloading supervision and understand the purpose of operational agreements/ ITENERARY. All is done concerning our customer’s safety and satisfactions.

Strategically we service our customers with in a pompous manner in order to achieve a formal and friendly relationship continuously. Our main interest is to maintain the smile and unlimited satisfaction of our consumers, by providing an outstanding journey throughout their adventure. Our selected destinations are phenomenal and always prioritize safety and security. We render intangible and overwhelming experience accompanied by relaxation, pleasure, enjoyment and extricate comfort flexibly.

  • To ensure our clients understand that they are primary concern and that their needs are the highest priority in our operations.
  • Making us of only certified and accredited personnel.
  • To use qualifying tour drivers as it pertain to the Road Traffic Act 93.